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Sylvia Parker
"Sylvia's Heavenly Cheesecakes was officially founded in 1999.  Since my cheesecakes yielded such a great response, I decided I had to share them with the world. I brought on an associate, Andrea Parker to help with the growing business and the rest is history."
Sylvia Parker (founder and owner) baking cheesecakes has always been a passion of hers, as  she came from a long line of family bakers.  Sylvia started by baking cheesecakes for friends and family.  Everyone loved them so much so that she decided to take it a step further.  Sylvia begin baking and distributing cheesecake samples.  This was the best thing she could have done because the samples turned into orders and here they are.

Andrea Parker just like Sylvia, Andrea came from a long line of professionals in the world of food. She enjoys expressing her creativity in many ways but found her passion in baking and decorating. Andrea delights herself in the artistry of decorating with love, care, and just a little bit of an abstract flare. She feels because of this, joining 'Sylvia's Heavenly Cheesecakes' was a perfect match.